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Funny Pictures And Jokes to make your Day smoothly

1. On Sunday, a man went to church and testified that he had been infected with Monkey Pox and had been miraculously healed.

When he was done, he attempted to hand the mic over to the second man, but the money refused to accept it:

2ND MAN: I don't have any evidence. Pastor, please accept it.

PASTOR: I don't handle testimonies, therefore deliver it to the Senior Pastor.

THE SENIOR PASTOR: Brother in Christ, you have the microphone. The Church has given it to me as a gift. You are free to take it home.

2. My pressing iron broke down the other day. I went to the next-door neighbors and requested their iron. They informed me that if I didn't iron at their house, I'd have to forget about it. I went ahead and ironed without hesitation. They also arrived this morning to ask for a broom. I also informed them that if they didn't vacuum my house, they should forget about it. They are now enraged. Is there anything

3. Uche paid a visit to a friend. The friend's wife prepared a meal for him with lots of meat, while their children's meals consisted solely of sliced onions and tomatoes. After the lunch, Uche inquired as to why his friend had so much meat but the kids had none. "What should I do when they say they won't eat Dog?" asked a pal. Uche has been vomiting since yesterday.

I did wrong?

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