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Bushiri Warn People Who Are Digging Pastor Mboro's Secrets. This Is What Will Happen

Bushiri Warn People Who Are Digging Pastor Mboro's Secrets 

Source: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Instagram page


The ECG Prophet Shepherd Bushiri left mzansi off gut after took it to his social media pages where he was seen defending pastor Mboro. The Prophet was seen posting a picture of eNCA reporting news about pastor Mboro. Apparently it is said that Mbora was being accused of sexual misconduct. 

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was seen defending Mboro even after the allegations made against him. Bushiri took it to social media to warn those who are busy digging news about him.

Witb Caption: "Be careful when digging a pit for others. When they pray to their God, it becomes your own grave. Look at your life now, Sir. We are praying for you.

It's not suprising that Bushiri would stand with Mboro in the allegations. We kow that Mboro is the closest friend and colleague Bushiri. During Bushiris trial in South Africa Mboro did attend his hearing and it was who were influencing people to turn again Bushiri. In #Amabishop Mboro was asked in a panel about his relationship with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and it was revealed that Bushiri gave him R1m of money as offering to his church. 

Here are some of the comments: 

"This is exactly the portion of those that wish calamity to fall upon the innocent ones. You fight me for no reason you get punished for being stupid."

"He who rolls a stone at you the very same stone will roll back at them 

This is south africa hope those who are in Christ are learning something. God of Major 1 is not only the God of show off He is also dangerous

We are still praying, for who we don't know but we are praying"

"We don't rejoice at anybody's suffering wether innocent or not. The way we supported you is the way we support him too. This body belongs to Christ not any person. We pray for healing and perfection of his body."

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