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Isiwasho for Isichitho - Human made curse and spiritual healing water

Greeting to everyone who is reading this article. I welcome you yet to another topic where we discuss isiwasho for isichitho for those who prefer using isiwasho.

Isichitho is something that something of a human made curse. In most cases it is used by someone who hates you, does not want to see progress in life or someone who wants to end your relationship with your significant other by making you to seem unattractive and annoying (ubenesidina) 

When someone has used isichitho on you, people become irritated by you especially when they see you or even think about. In this article I will however, discuss few types of isichitho so that perhaps you may have a bit of an understanding.

I will continue writing articles explaining what are the different kinds of isichitho and to see if you have isichitho and how you can help yourself and should you find yourself in that situation. I hope this article has helped in giving you a basic understanding of what is isichitho and to treat it using isiwasho.

Mix Lana gquma,geza kuphela ungalinge

Isiwasho sesichitho


-tokoloshe salt (4 colours)

-rough salt


-mlotha wamandiya

-camphor block


-itshe labelungu green

-Rain water

- spring water

- water fall water

- sea water


- Mvuthuza and

Impinda mshaye

When you are done pour the waste water outside the yard

You can also use Unozimanga mix with Impinda and milk.

Impinda mshaye

And you can also look for this one

I hope this article was helpful and please do not hesitate to comment if you found the article interesting and also like and share but most importantly follow so that you will not miss any of my articles. God bless you

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Isichitho Isiwasho Lana


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