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Read and pray with these Bible verses anytime you want God to open your eyes to see spiritually

God's concealment of certain truths from us can be extremely effective in some cases. As flawed as we are, we can't avoid dealing with some spiritual fundamentals. God, in his infinite wisdom, decided to keep the things of the spiritual world hidden from some human beings for this reason. If we could have seen everything that happens in this world, my brother and sister, we would have always blamed God for everything that happened.

God has chosen some people to be his Prophets, and through them, he has revealed the things of the spirit to the rest of humanity. It is a gift from God to them. Is it true that you don't want to see the spiritual things that exist in this world? Are you capable, but you aren't given the opportunity? You only have to ask, and it will be given to you.

Simply go before the Lord and inquire about this gift, and he will be overjoyed to grant it to you out of his great compassion. All that is required is faith. Here, I'll show you some Bible verses that you can read and pray with whenever you want God to open your eyes to something you don't understand.

Ephesians 1:18

Jeremiah 33:3

Psalm 119:18

This is the proper manner in which to pray.

1. Dear Father in Heaven, I beseech thee, Lord, open my eyes to see what I am blind to because of the blood of Jesus on my hands.

2. In the name of Jesus, I pray to you today that you will not allow me to walk in darkness any longer.

3. Father, please, according to your will, reveal to me the things that are hidden in the blood of Jesus Christ.

4. Father, please open my eyes so that I do not walk down the wrong path in the name of Jesus Christ.

5. Father, I beseech you to please grant my request in the name of Jesus, and I ask that you do so in your great mercy.

Now, in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray that the spirit of revelation will be given to you as you read this post.

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