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Pastors Use Water Used To Wash The Dead Bodies In A Mortuary As Holy Water

There are lot of things that are happening and people are still blind to see it . There are some things that people should be careful as African people. Back in the days there was no mortuary when s person dies they made sure that they bury them fast. This days because people want to modernize everything they created mortuaries where they will keep the dead. People take it as good thing but they forget one-thing those people are gaining money using departed souls.

This is more like a business it is no longer about giving your loved ones a dignified burial. This people are just there for money. When a person dies there is no need for all those things. Back in the days they used a skin or a blanket to cover the body and nothing happened. Because of modern technology things changed.

The water that was used to wash the dead can be used for many things. Pastors use the water as holy water and people buy thinking it is a holy water. Some people who are owning restaurant they use the same water to cook and call upon customers. Once someone use that water on you you will their slave. You will do anything that they tell you to do. Even people who perform witchcraft use the same thing to destroy people's life. That water is very much powerful. There is this episode on Moja Love called Amabishop where pastors are being exposed. Mostly of these pastors are not real.

People are opening their eyes to see the truth and one all these pastors will no longer operate.Roght now some pastors are feeling threatened because people are opening their eyes to see the truth.People are no longer blind and some they stopped attending those churches. It is beginning of new life and people will soon realise that there is no Miracle only you can pray for yourself.


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