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I now hate church because of what you did to me prophet Makandiwa (Blessing Mashangwa)

Now that prophet TB Joshua is gone, the next target is prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. He is not the next target, he is already the target because, already they've started with him.

People are now coming with different kind of evidence about Makandiwa and what he did to them. They have their self approved verified evidence, are even trying to convince people to confess. I don't think the prophet has done any of those things, so I don't know whether their social media are going to give prophet Makandiwa a chance to also explain his side of the story.

We cannot just conclude on what Blessing Mashangwa is saying about the men of God. We cannot just give a conclusion hearing one side on what they are trying to say about the prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Remember these are covid19 times, these days it is possible that people are looking for money in any way possible. They don't care who they bring down. They don't care who they touch. They don't care who they step their toes on, all what they want is to make money, also to become famous on social media. We know that the social media has now become one of the platform where people are getting paid for bringing content that is not even verified. The more they get followers, the more people view it, the more themselves they get paid.

I want to admit that, the issue of a prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Blessing Mashangwa has just made a lot of people famous. It has also made even Blessing herself more famous because, some of us we didn't know who she was, until she started touching the name of a prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

In this video she is busy pleading to prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and she is also apologising, but in that apology she is telling him that, "you and your wife have destroyed my life! You know I was a loyal member of your church, and for the sake of respect there are things that you told me that were so deep, and the things that you did to me that I'm not willing to expose for the sake of a good relationship that I have with your brother"

"He has always been comforting me for the things that you did. "Tou destroyed me and my family, I now hate church because of you!

Those are the words of Blessing to Prophet Makandiwa and his wife. It is a tough one, it is very tough, we will just leave it to God

The Brutality that Prophet Makandiwa brought upon my family 👪 I now fear church because of you Prophet Makandiwa and your wife Ruth Makandiwa - Blessing Mashangwa

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