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Idols: Sneziey's response about rumors of her being a traditional healer.

Hello everyone welcome back to Sanelyf Channel and thank you so much for tunning. 

Guys I saw something on Instagram that catched my attention, it is believed by many people that if someone call herself a born again Christian, She or He have no relationship with the ancestors by saying that I mean people believe that born again Christian does not believe or perform any ancestral related ceremonies, abaphahli abashisi impepho futhi abalithethi idlozi. 

The past few days Gospel Artist and former idols SA contestants Snezy Msomi posted a picture of herself wearing isiphandla a Zulu bangle, I don't know the correct term guys but to gives you an idea When Zulu's performe some ancestors ceremonies they slaughtered a goat or a cow than cut a piece of that animal skin and put it as a bangle, So Snezy did the same thing and by the look of things, I think she received a lot DMs questioning her salvation and Christianity. And she decided to respond. 

Yesterday she took it to her Instagram page to put all assumptions to rest . And her post reads as follow

So ya guys that how she responded, To those who doesn't understand isizulu Snezy was actually saying, she is a born again Christian who was raised with family believes , what ever they tell her to do she will do as a sign of respect which does not only apply to our pastors,but it's also apply to our families . They stil going to do umemulo for her and she won't say no to her alders. 

Unfortunately guys her post comments section was blocked so people couldnt comment Futher, but guys I personally believe that we are all different, we worship God differently and our beliefs also differs, mybe we need to accept that. 

In closing guys I want to ask you this question, is it wrong for someone who calls herself a born again Christian to perform ancestory ceremonies. Does that makes her Christianity questionable. 

Let's hear your opinions on the comment section. 

In that note Thank you guys for watching by. 

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