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Check Out Prophet Bushiri "Major 1" Exposes People Who Drinks Alcohol. See Comments

Check Out Prophet Bushiri "Major 1" Exposes People Who Drinks Alcohol

The Englighten Christian Gathering (ECG) Leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri recently left mzansi stitched. This come after he went 4o his social media exposed people who are drinking alcohol. 

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is popular known as "Major 1". Prophet Bushiri is one of the powerful pastor in the country who has power to deliver every situation that a person may have. He is the youngest pastor who sees many situation and able to deliver them. 

The Prophet left his followers stunned after he spoke of people who drinks alcohol. He recently exposed the causes of drinking alcohol and what it does to people who does not want to listen even when they are told too.

With caption: "Some people drink alcohol because it apparently relieves stress. Try the Holy Spirit, He does not just relieve stress - He REMOVES stress!".

It is understand that people drink alcohol for different reasons. Some people drink alcohol because they want to escape certain problems they are having at home or stress. Many people are refusing to believe that believe that the reason why they drink alcohol is because they want to release stress.

Bushiri have old people who drink alcohol to y another way to releave a stress which is the Holly spirit. Bushiri have warm people about the Holly Spirit that it does not releaves street but it removed stressed. 

Here are some of the comments in his social media page.

"Your calling become my blessing as i was one of those in drinking and smoking but the day i heard your voice preaching about my journey to heaven. My tears started running down and i think that was my deliverance from taking substances. Because from this day i never took any of these since 2016 upto now i am serving under your Anointing".

"Father thank you for giving us the gift of the holy Spirit. Our helper and our comforter,Our teacher. Thank you for loving us the way you do. I give all praise and honour to the Lord most high. Amen"

"Amen major 1 such kind of spirit must be remove from my body  indeed and i believe it will happen to me i receive in Jesus name AMEN".

"Oh my Holy spirit help me this morning, remove everything that is bringing discomfort  right now. I receive solutions and answers this morning as i pray in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus".

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