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Bishop Zondo calls for Jay Israel and Solomon Ashoms to be deported

Source :Solomon Izang Ashoms

Its fights all over the body of Christ.Its secrests being revealed everyday.

Recently it is said that the National Council of Churches has been summoned by Bishop Stephen Zondo in regards to get Solomon Izang Ashoms and Jay Israel Senior to be investigated,and if possible they should be deported for the lies they are said to have said.

These comes after few days ago,a live conversation was made by Jay Israel and Solomon alongside people who said they used to attend Bishop Zondo's church.

The people revealed how they were used and robbed in Zondo's church.A certain couple even came to reveal that Zondo once requested the wife to leave her husband and he also sexually violated the woman.

Solomon and Jay Israel have recently been scaring the prophets as they vowed to be revealing every dirty things going in church and this has made alot of victims to come to them to give them a platform to speak about their experience in order to save who are still trapped in the so called churches.

The National council of Churches is called out as bad as it is always standing with prophets who are abusing people.

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