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" My spiritual husband appeared as a baboon "

A lady on Facebook says she had a spiritual husband and sometimes it appeared in different forms. This her story;

" I've always had something sleeping with me at night. The older I got I found out it's a spiritual husband, I tired prophets, sangomas, different churches and pastors and i even fasted for 40 days. One night it came I fought it and it disappeared, I felt like I was on fire and I screamed, saying since you are my husband show yourself to me right now, it appeared, it was a baboon. I asked what it wants from me, it calmly said " I am Ally Xilumani, I've been in your family for 98 years and it's your turn to be my wife,"I said no I'm done with you, I'm divorcing you, when you leave don't ever come back, it changed to a man, he was handsome, if he was alive I'd definitely be his wife, he asked me where to go and I said I don't care, just don't come back to me." She wrote.

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