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Not every brother is your brother.

Can we say that things such as love and trust still exists among us. Can we say looking at the world and the culture of today that love and trust are there. Depending on our life experiences we may have different answers to different opinions. Religion encourages us over come the norms of the world. For religion seeks higher authority and its divine. In every thing we should ask and investigate, I came across a scripture that says we Should love our enemies. A lot of questions came in and started to ask myself.

1.Is there a limit to forgiveness.

2.How many times can a person forgive.

3.Can our loved ones be our biggest enemy. Luke 6: 27 ( But to you who are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies! Do good to those who hate you.)

1. There is no limit to forgiveness, as much we would love God to forgive us, we should be willing to forgive.

2. We should always forgive for the word wants us to.

3. We can never really know who to trust, but in all to trust in the Lord.

The word in the scriptures is telling us to love one another, and it continues to say, those who are willing to listen. That says it's not forcing us, yet giving us a choice.

There are benefits to loving your enemies, it means wanting peace if you are willing to love your enemies.

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