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Uzalo: From KKC to KFC, Mbatha dreams of Kethaukuthula Family Church. Will he succeed?

The KwaMhashu Kingdom Church story line on Uzalo is providing to be an intriguing one.

For a man of the cloth, Mbatha doesn’t play by the book. “He lies and cheats and he is going to steal this job,” says William, “Starting by telling Nkunzi that Pastor Gwala is planning to murder Nkunzi if he isn’t given the job.

He also shows Nkunzi his vision for KKC that includes bringing famous pastors from around the globe to preach at church.”

What has Nkunzi’s attention is Mbatha’s other promise: to clear Nkunzi’s name in the community by preaching about him and convincing the church that Nkunzi is a good man,” says William, whose character doesn’t tell Nkunzi that he’s also changing the church name to KFC: Kethaukuthula Family Church.

Nkunzi is furious when he walks in to find Mbatha in a robe looking like the Pope with a handful of hangers on, and the congregation isn’t impressed either.

“The church members see through him, that he is a user and an abuser and they give him no time,” says William.

Source: TVSA

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