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When God opens your spiritual eyes, the following are the first 3 things you will notice about human

The phrase "spiritual sight" is used in a biblical context to refer to God's ability to perceive facts that are imperceptible to the naked eye. One thing that makes this ability special is that it permits you to see across the divide between the physical and spiritual realms. This transformation, in turn, makes the facts of the spirit world more readily apparent to the human eye. The account of this gift in 2 Kings 6:16 includes more details. Elisha pleaded to God, and God answered him by making his servant's spiritual eyes open. There were millions of angelic soldiers poised for battle, and they outnumbered the opposing forces by a wide margin. It is possible to identify seven different developmental stages in the capacity to observe spiritual things. You can also see some serious stuff as you go through each stage. The Bible says that God is made up of seven spirits and seven eyes that can see the entire world in an instant. (You may also look at Revelation 5:6.)

A mortal man receives this power from God, who infects him with one of God's seven spirits and grants him a glimpse into the world of the invisible. In all honesty, this gift is scary at first, but after a while, the recipient gets used to having it. You'll be amazed at the spiritual gift you've been given by the three aspects of this present. When things settle down, your comprehension of the facts will improve. As for my brother, though the world we see is quite beautiful, there is a more beautiful world that is both invisible to the naked eye and undetectable to us. It is imperative that each member of the family of God fasts and prays to ensure they appreciate this precious gift. That is a noble thing to do. Despite its lethality, though, it is a still a serious threat. You will be unsettled by what you saw, so you will keep quiet about it. Even though they are all very powerful, none of them can hurt you since God's strength is far greater than theirs. You will become invincible.

The first thing you see when you activate your spiritual sight is a bright glow on the top of people's heads. No matter what religion you belong to, every individual has a bright light shining on their forehead. This applies to Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Kimbaguists, traditionalists, and everyone else. This illumination shows the level of each person's divinity. Some flashlights are brighter than others. Your area of impact is protected by God's grace and power, and this strength grows with your luminosity. The Bible then proclaims that you are the universe's light. Because a city is built on a ridge, it cannot be hidden (Mathew 5:14). The spiritual illumination that appears on your forehead banishes bad spirits and sets free those who are bound to spiritual servitude. Other others have a glow that is quickly going out. They are sinners and must repent to restore their inner radiance. Even in bright light, some people are surrounded by utter darkness, casting a shadow. They've never been exposed to daylight. They need the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ desperately. It is critical to share the gospel message with them.

Your second indication of angelic visitation will be their presence. You will learn how to distinguish between holy and fallen angels in this session. Once you've developed this talent, you'll be able to tell angels from demons by visiting various churches. Despite seeing angels every day, none will come near you, as angels are solemn individuals who will not engage you until you approach them first. They follow the instructions explicitly. Unless they are given to you, ignore them. Angels with two wings and a shield or blazing sword are the most frequently seen, and they are tasked with protecting God's people on earth. In churches you will notice a lot of people but they will ignore you. If you waste your gift, a complaint will be lodged against you in heaven. To be successful, just stay quiet and watch the situation play out. The warrior angels who will steal your breath away, however, will be plentiful. God is a fantastic builder and architect who is also a skilled architect. It was remarkable in how he made the angels.

Offer up your prayers for this blessing, and give up your skepticism. Because witches regularly communicate with and know angels, whereas children of God are not aware of their existence but believe angels are physical beings. If you have a guardian angel watching over you, your sole obligation is to obey God's commands. That is the end of it. On a daily basis, your guardian angel will shield you from unseen aggressors. Fallen angels will appear black to you in the physical world in order to make it obvious they are unholy. You don't need to worry about them. God's most fervent opponents are among them. If you associate with God's enemies, God will execute you and them (Revelation 20:10). You will also notice a limitless number of demons lurking about, especially in the marketplace. Demons have full influence over the lives of individuals, and they might tempt them to commit a sin against God. As a matter of fact, you will be able to observe a huge range of specters.

One of the most intriguing things about human beings is that their bodies split in half as someone passes by. You will see each person as being composed of two different halves. In addition to the physical body, the spirit and soul will accompany it on its journey. Everything that happens to your soul affects your physical body immediately. As is the case with everyone, everyone dreams, thus it is a reasonable assumption to believe in them. Immediately after sleeping, your spirit will walk around. You can call it back whenever you want to wake up. Prayer prevents enemies from attacking you. Because of this, pray ceaselessly (1Thesalonians 5:17)

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