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Warning: Beware Of Abominable And Sacrilegious Deeds In The Church

Abomination refers to anything that is evil, and no true Christian should associate with evil. Unfortunately, many churches and fellowships are witnessing abominations in holy places.

Some ministers are preaching the gospel with the power of Satan, making themselves demigods in the House of God. Some are committing sacreligious offenses in churches, including rapping, duping members, and even masterminding robbery and kidnapping of their members.

What do you say when a pastor pours gasoline on his congregation and sets them on fire based on flimsy accusations of formication, or forces them to drink a mixed concoction under duress, prophesying what God did not say? We must be cautious about bringing things into the house of God that will turn out to be evil.

Consider what you've done with your body, the temple of God, by committing heinous secret sins. Jesus' prophecies were always accurate. The temple, which they valued more than Jesus Christ, had to be destroyed, and it was, according to history, done so around AD 70. You're probably aware that many people die in order to save their lives or their property. For instance, I learned that a high tension cable fell on top of a man's car, and in an attempt to save his car, he got inside and started the engine, causing everything, including himself, to burst into flames.

It's no surprise that Jesus warned against leaving where you are to return to take something because your enemies may attack you on the road. Furthermore, do not set your heart on the things of this world. That will drive you to try to save them, and you will lose your soul in the process. During wars, pregnant and nursing mothers may face difficulties because they may not be able to flee. In addition, the cold can be a major issue in the winter. Their assurance was that God would shorten the days to prevent them from falling away due to adversity and persecution.

Furthermore, for the elect's sake, God had shortened the days. What a wonderful God! Can God save someone because you refused to punish a sinner? Only by walking before Him in righteousness and holiness will we be able to receive His Divine favor and mercy.

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