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Essentials And Benefits Of Salvation In Christ Jesus

Without knowledge, there is zeal. Devotion without true understanding. Engaging in what one does not understand is a missed opportunity. Today, there are far too many people who join the crowds of protesters or fighters without understanding why they are doing so. They're like choristers who don't have a part to play (Treble, Alto, Tenor and Bass).

This type of person is a spoiler and a hidden stone in a happy meal. Before he was converted, Paul was one of the Israeli religious worshipper zealots who had the zeal to worship God but not according to true knowledge. Their understanding of God was based on the law and self-righteousness, which they couldn't keep, rather than faith in Jesus Christ.

They thought they were righteous because they followed the law, but they didn't realize that no one can be counted righteous before God based on the works of the law. Are you one of those who works tirelessly in the church, burning yourself out to help others, but has never heard of Jesus Christ or accepted Him as your Lord and Saviour?

Your efforts have been in vain. It's unfortunate that people are establishing their own righteousness based on works rather than faith-based righteousness. Hear this, you who insist on following the law: Christ has abolished the law, making everyone who believes right with God. We are saved, brothers, because of our faith in Christ, not because of any works of the law.

We are reconciled to God by faith, and we are saved by confessing our sins. Those who put their faith in Him will not be let down by Him. Have you accepted Christ as your personal Savior or are you still on the fence of your own wisdom relying on your own righteousness. Do so to accept Him. Enjoy a blessed and glorious life in Christ.

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