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Steps to take for healing and restoration when weak and discouraged

Steps to take for healing and restoration when weak and discouraged

Televangelist Gloria Copeland, wife of famous Pastor Kenneth Copeland writing on healing power of God’s word, said in every area of life obtaining the victory boils down to one thing: Just take God at His Word. What He says-what is written in His Word-is the absolute truth and it really will work if we will only take hold of it.

Sometimes, we are weak, sick and tired. At some time, we are discouraged and demotivated. These are usually tricks and demonic attacks that tend to rob us and keep us away from God. Yet God has not left us without a solution in such cases. We see a guidance from Lord Jesus in Matthew 13 verse 15.

For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.

Like the people in his time, Jesus wants to heal and strengthen us but we have a part to play in the matter. In his parable about the sower, Jesus made mention of the pathetic state of the people of his time who have gone weary and cold and could no longer receive God's blessings.

Jesus identified three things that were wrong with the people then which are also applicable to us today. First, Jesus identified a heart problem- a calloused or hardened heart. Second, it is blind eyes. Third is deaf ears and fourth is heart that cannot understand.

As a result of the above mentioned problems, Jesus he could not heal them, even thou he would have loved to heal them. The key thing here is that affects all these body parts is that they are dead as to be sensitive to the word. It is the word that heals and blesses. The human body and soul must be able to receive the word by first sensitive to it.

But to receive it you must first hear it as Paul teaches us in Romans 10; faith comes by hearing. But how can they hear when their heart is harden. If even when they hear- the heart need to mingle with the word for it to work.

In this order, we find the solution to healing, breakthrough, freedom, restoration and every other thing we want from God.

It is all in the Word of God. But the works when our ears are attentive and sensitive to hear. The word enters into our body through our ears physically and spiritually. Our body and life can only response and act according to the word when we can hear clearly. Our heart must also participate by mingling with the word- we need to understand, accept and believe as well as own what we have heard for it to have impact on us.


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