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If You Want To Make Heaven, Disconnect From People Like This

"He who walks with wise men will become wise; but he who walks with fools will perish." in Proverbs 13:20

The importance of selecting wise friends in life cannot be overstated. Friendship is a choice, not a necessity, as I always say. I am aware that some people cling to others, refusing to let go despite attempts to disconnect from them; however, if you make a firm decision to disconnect from them with the help of the Holy Spirit, based on higher principles that can separate you from them, they will leave you alone.

For example, suppose you have a friend who comes around frequently, and the two of you spend the entire day chatting instead of praying, sharing God's word, or listening to Christian messages. And he comes around and you tell him you want to pray and he should join you, and you pray for quite a while, and at another time, it was to study God's word, which you gave him another bible to study as well, and at the end you share revelations, and I am confident that he will leave you alone with time because that is not his lifestyle unless he wants to change to become a better person.

You'll continue to struggle with certain habits if you hang around with people who have them. How can a chatter wish to stop gossiping if her pals gossip, or a smoker want to quit smoking if the people he hangs out with still smoke? You will never be rated higher than the people you choose to hang out with.

That is why the adage "Show me your friend, and I'll tell you who you are" exists. Who are your pals, my child of God? Gehazi's and Achan's friend would eventually become like them. Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego, a friend of Daniel's, will follow in their footsteps. Run through your friends today, while you still have time, to secure your fate.

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