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Are We Reaching the End Of the World? See The Scary Prophecy that is Linked To the End Of the world.


We are living in a world where bizarre things happen every day. A few years ago, Israel was turned upside down when a huge creature came out of the water and crushed over 53 flats, killing 102 people. Until today, no scientist knew what the name of that creature was or where it came from; it was the only and largest creature ever seen on Earth. However, many people speculated that it was a sign from God that people were committing too many sins. Some associated it with spiritual things. 

Well, the famous tweeter prophet made a scary prophecy that made everyone think about that creature again. He said that there would be a very big creature that would come out of the water and those who try to kill it will fail. Even the biggest and most trusted technological machines will fail to kill it. This prophecy left many people scared and with so many questions. See the tweet below:



However, those who are good at interpreting dreams and hidden prophecies claim that this "big creature" is not being referred to as a literal creature but a disease. They say that this prophecy means that there is a very strong and killer disease that will come through water and no scientist will be able to stop that disease from killing people. Many people were asking if the world was ending since the ‘creature’ couldn’t be assassinated, even by trusted technology. See some of the comments from curious tweeter users below:




This prophecy is related to the Holly Book in revelation 13: 1-18, which says that in the end, there will be a very big beast that will rise from the sea. The beast will be one of the biggest things ever seen. It will have 10 horns and 7 heads. It will be in the form of a dragon and the whole world will worship it and bow to it. To those who have read this bible verse before, you can attest that it has so many similarities. Are we reaching the end of the world? If you read the bible very well, it says in the end there will be killer diseases that will take many lives and churches will be closed. Right now there’s Corona. It’s taking so many lives and churches are closed. Most of the things that are said in revelation are happening.

According to bible study 13, the creature that is mentioned in revelation is illustrative like the picture below:

(illustrative photo of the beast mentioned in the bible)

What’s your take on this prophecy? Do you think we are beating the end of the world? Leave your comments below.

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