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Uzalo:Pastor Gwala's deepest darkness secrets revealed as He introduces his new wife to the church.

Hello everyone welcome back to Sanelyf Channel and thank you so much for tunning in. 

Now that Pastor Gwala is heading up KKC, he needs a good woman by his side, but what if his choice is the wrong one? 

Pastor Gwala's choice is the former drug edict, prostitute and the daughter or kwamashu's biggest gangster. 

Pastor Gwala will win the battle of KwaMashu kingdom church and become a Pastor, He will start spending more time with Zekhethelo, going on walks and jogging together. It's won't be long before sparks starts to fly and the attraction becomes to strong to ignore. They will go on a date, and every thing will be well. 

The Pastor will decide to take their relationship the to next level, starting by introducing Zekhethelo to his congregation, will the church accept her? No everyone knows Zekhethelo's past and they won't see her fit to lead the church as mama umfundisi, The Pastor being crazy in love will defend Zekhethelo with a belief that no one is perfect , but that is not the only reason He accepts Zekhethelo with her flaws, The Pastor himself is not clean he have a deepest darkness secrets, he doubt that Zekhethelo will accept him As He accepts her with the dirty past. 

Could that secrets be the one Mamlambo has been dreaming about 

Please leave your comments below and share your opinions. What is Pastors secret? 

Thank you so much for watching this see you on my next upload. By

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