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"See" What This Pastor Was Caught Doing In The Church That Left People Talking


Sometimes, not everything your eyes see you talk about with your mouth, it is better to be quiet to save you from getting into trouble.

I don’t know what to call this action shown by this pastor, I’m scared and shocked by this clip you’re going to watch. Let's go straight to today's context.

God-fearing men of today will not be surprised and terrified. This is because sometimes they do the unexpected. Pastor Bartholomew Orr of the Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven, Mississippi, United States of America, for example (USA).

He is best known around the world for a social media video in which he appears to begin his sermon standing under a church building.

When it comes to performing miracles, such as the ascension of Jesus Christ after his resurrection, the results are similar to those in Hollywood.

To stop the man of God, a rope was tied to the bottom of the church room. The purpose of the play, he added, was to highlight the unexpected character of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Bartholomew Orr delivered his sermon on the air before entering the stage to continue his talk. As a result of this discovery, he received the moniker ”a flying preacher. "Without criticism, Orr expressed his gratitude for stunt's help in" spreading the word "through the gospel.

"There is a big picture, and that picture is that Christ is coming soon," said Bartholomew Orr, referring to the amazing door. ”And, as the return of Christ is unexpected, so will my coming in the morning, but we must prepare ourselves. Because no one ken he will the second time.

Traditionally, the Brown Missionary Baptist Church, a historic church of black Protestants, was founded in 1882. In the end, whether it is right or wrong, the end opens the way. His second coming is not far off. How ready are we? We too should repent when we remember heaven.

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