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Different things and symbols have different meanings for different people

Different things and symbols have different meanings for different people. Just because a spider may mean money to Thabo if he sees it, it doesn't mean the same to Thembi.

So one of the basis of interpreting dreams successfully. is to know and understand your family tree.history of signicant events in your family, your culture as far back as you possibly can.

Your cultural is also a code and a manual that can be used to help you understand what certain symbols / things as you see them in your visions and dreams mean.

I've heard others they are very proud of their culture now for most of us. we associate bees or flies with something along the lines of filth or rotten elements but the one who your cultural is as.

I've stated here above it means something good along the lines of rebirth if you understand the nature of flies in sustaining all life on earth.

Without bees and flies nature and all life would stop. cause they help in breaking down dead things and carcases to ensure the filth.stench and harmful diseases. don't manifest in the air of which would kill of form of living beings on the earth. 

Research these things about yourself and your family and it will help you decode a greater deal of these confusing or unclear / cryptic messages you keep getting and you'll grow even more in your gift.

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Thabo Thembi


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