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PRAYER: Lord, Please Show Your Strength In My Life This Month

Many Christians are frightened by the onslaught from the kingdom of the devil. This is in stark contrast to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego's Babylonian worldview. To King Nebuchadnezzar, these young Hebrew youths openly declared their God to be mighty and terrifying (Daniel 13:16-18).

When it comes to battle, our God is fearsome and powerful. This man has not and will not lose another war in his life. As I have preached on countless occasions from 2 Chronicles 20:22-23, our God is a land-based war-Lord. Exodus 14:23-31 claims that he is superior to all other Chiefs of Naval Staff in sea battles. In offensive air battle, the Lord Strong and Mighty, according to Isaiah 30:30, is more effective than any Chief of Air Staff. During the war for the children of Israel in Joshua 10:11, he displayed this.

Azekah was hit by hailstones as they fled to Bethhoron from the Israelites. "And it happened, as they fled from before Israel and were on their way down to Bethhoron, that the LORD cast big stones down from heaven upon them, and they perished: they were more who died with hailstones than those who the children of Israel slaughtered with a sword," reads the verse.

Enemy strikes are of no consequence to you. In the Psalmist's words, "Who shall I fear? The LORD is my light and my rescue." Is there anyone I should fear, since the LORD is my strength? There is a (Psalm 27:1)

Isaiah 59:20 outlines the conditions under which God's children are protected from harm. " those who repent of their sins..." It is only for those who have reconciled with the Lord by real repentance that the Lord may fight on their side, as sin leaves a person vulnerable to hostile attacks and without any spiritual defense. In other words, keep your life free of any sin that could leave you vulnerable to the attacks of your adversary. Our God is described in Psalm 24:8 as "The Lord Strong and Mighty, The Lord Mighty in Battle" in the Bible. This is a fact that any true follower of Christ can testify to.

As a result of your faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord will now and forever exhibit His might and grandeur on your behalf.

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