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House of zwide-Faith confesses to the Zwides

Isaac pushes kele away from him to protect her but she is left broken as she doesn't understand why because she's the only one reaching out to him when everyone else want nothing to do with him.

Molefe warns Issac of what's at stake but Isaac is determined to go through with the heist. Isaac seems to be having second thoughts and pulls a risky move which angers Bra Carter.

Bra Carter and Isaac get ready to execute the perfect heist but Isaac ends up paying a heavy price for a mistake. Molefe and Soka are forced to come to Isaacs's rescue.

Faith is trying to act strong but she has a public meltdown and is convinced into making a drastic decision, she calls a family meeting that leaves the Zwides shocked.

Ona Catches Rea and Funani cozy and that leaves her angry.

There's more than just killing Busi that faith has to confess to, but despite the truth being out she still refuses to confess maybe after confessing about busi the grandmother should also haunt her so all can be revealed.

Source "House of Zwide 2 Teasers - August 2022 | House of Zwide Teasers | TVSA"

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