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Declare This Little Prayer For A Prosperous Day Wherever You Are.

Make this little declaration for the sake of having a productive day wherever you are.

Dearly beloved brethren, we are blessed with another another lovely day. Please take a few moments out of your hectic day to say the prayers that are listed below in order to have a successful day, regardless of where you are or what you are doing at the moment.


Oh, Lord, I want to express my gratitude to you for being who you are. When you woke me up, you made sure that I was healthy and strong, and I want to thank you for that because it allowed me to appreciate the beauty of a new day.

Lord, I know that this is a new day, and I want to start it with you by my side. Father, because I am aware that you are able to assist me in any situation, I put my trust in you to watch out for my wellbeing while I go about my day's activities.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen, I promise to depart and return without incident.

Lord, you govern over the entirety of the known universe; you have access to everything, and there is nothing that is impossible for you to achieve. Therefore, Lord, I beg you in the mighty name of Jesus to level every mountain of sickness, poverty, backwardness, setback, and any other kind of attack, and to roll away every mountain of difficulties that surround me. Please hear my prayer and act quickly.

Father, Please grant me success so that I can publicly praise your goodness in my life and in the world of the living. I hereby declare, in the name of Jesus Christ, that from this point forward I am unstoppable and that nothing bad can prevent me from fulfilling all of the purposes God has for my life. I also declare that I am unstoppable from this point forward. Amen


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