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PRAYER: Lord, Give Me The Habit Of Forgiveness

The Bible is unambiguous about God's readiness and willingness to respond to our petitions. Our scripture demonstrates that individuals who sincerely turn to God in prayer should be assured of receiving their desires' fulfillment. Our varied experiences, however, seem to indicate the opposite. We frequently pray and receive no response; we fast, but the consequences take a while to manifest, and we become anxious.

Today's lesson focuses on the role that forgiveness plays in ensuring that our prayers are heard: It is made evident that holding grudges against others could delay God's response to our petitions. The freedom of our spirits is constrained and their ability to receive guidance is obstructed when we hang onto anger, resentment, malice, and past wrongs. It is true what Carolyn Miller said: "The poison of unforgiveness shrivels the heart. It implies that because they are constantly worrying about the past, people cannot genuinely live in the present.

Is there a part of your life where you might use God's assistance? It is common to assume that we shouldn't make excessive requests, but the Bible exhorts us to turn to God with all of our needs. He longs to grant you the heart's desires and shower you with favor and blessings. The Apostle James actually declared, "Because you didn't ask, you didn't have (james 4:2).

Please also consider whether any unforgiveness is preventing you from praying and interfering with your connection with God. Although the other person may have made a grave error and caused you much pain, nothing on earth is worth jeopardizing your relationship with the Almighty God. Choose forgiveness in your prayers today, and don't let anything prevent you from experiencing the blessings God has in store for you.

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