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African Countries Where Christianity Is The Largest

The other major religion on the African continent is Islam, and both are minority religions. The religion was first practiced in Africa in Egypt around the middle of the first century A.D.

The Islamic conquest of significant areas of North Africa, on the other hand, limited the expansion of Christianity there.

Today, Christianity is practiced by the majority of people in many countries in Central Africa, Southeast Africa, and Southern Africa.

A sizable proportion of Egyptians are Coptic Christians, who live in certain West African countries as well.

During European colonial rule, Christian missionaries brought Christianity to many of these countries, and it has since been widely expanded via the efforts of these missionaries. More than 90% of the people in the following nations identify as Christians.

1. Sao Tome and Principle

The islands were discovered by Portuguese mariners in the 15th century, but they weren't inhabited until the early 20th century.

The island nation was a major trafficking point for Africans during the abolitionist movement. Roman Catholicism is the most popular religion in the country, a holdover from the country's time under Portuguese administration.

Most people in So Tomé and Prncipe are Christians, with the Roman Catholics making up 55.7% of the country's total population.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

In Democratic Republic of Congo, christianity is the most popular religion. The faith is practiced by 95.8% of the country's population.

There are approximately 35 million Catholics living in the country. Most of the country's children are educated by the country's Catholic church. The church oversees a vast network of institutions such as hospitals, retail outlets, and even farms.

There are also around 25 million people in the country who belong to the Church of Christ in Congo or to the Protestant Church, making it one of the world's largest Protestant organizations.

3. Angola.

Angola has a sizable Christian population, making up 95% of the country's total population.

The Catholic Church accounts for more than half of the country's Christians, while Protestant denominations such as the Methodists, Congregationalists, and Baptists account for the remaining 25% of the population.

The activity of Christian missionaries in Angola helped to spread Christianity throughout the country. In Angola, Christian institutions have also engaged in charitable activities, such as providing free medical treatment and education to the needy.

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