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In Pictures: Look at how famous prophet looks young and creative

Photo: Twitter

A lot of people have been wondering how this you man prophecies a lot of events because he is too young.

This man has been anticipating a lot of things to happen in future and most of them have been happening accordingly.

Listen to some incredible knowledge from him " Whenever electricity is off you become so peaceful you don't realize it. The electronic devices are a huge problem in your life. All of that rediation blocks you from reaching out to your soul enlightenment. So take advantage when electricity is gone and mediate"

"To tap into the information inside of you, everytime you meduate. imagine your self receiving repeating numbers coming from the universe into your brain crown Chakra. Repeat this words in your heart through out the meditation. "I am downloading akashic new information"

"Stop drinking all bottle water it's very dangerous. The water that you buy is not ohk. Actually that's the worse water you can put in your body. The chemicals mixed there are beyond the tap water with fluoride. No one talks about this. "

"Everything that's technology, your phones, computers, Everything designed through software in general is someone else consciousness who used to live on this earth before. The trapped souls that don't have control over their conscious anymore because of lack of awakening."

"Have you noticed how the sky is coming closer to the roof of your heads or you not paying attention at all? Y'all better pay attention and start increasing your frequency." he added

Prophet Ra real name is Sinhle Radebe and he is 27 years old. He once said terrible about Shona Ferguson but he was not clear because he was afraid people would judge him.

What do you think about this young man being creative at his age?

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