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Meet the Pastor Who Heals People by Using Wrestling Moves to Beat Them Up


06 October 2021

Churches have undoubtedly one of the useful resources in society. This is because churches are designed to be a place where people meditate. According to the reports by various experts who are psychologists, Church is one of the mediation. Let's start by looking at what is mediation before we get into the story of a pastor.

Mediation is a method of helping people and disputes through the use of a neutral third party, who assists them in reaching a voluntary agreement. In church, the neutral third party is a leader which could either be a pastor or a bishop. The article however is not about mediation, the focus will be on the pastor who heals people by beating them.

It is not hidden that unemployment is a pandemic in most African countries. In South Africa, the unemployment rate is currently standing at 34.4%, South Africa. This leaves the society with a 'survival of the fittest. It is not news that some prophetic men and women use the church as a mechanism to generate income. This is done by performing miracles and through fake prophecy. We are members of society and we are familiar with these acts.

Well, it is not clear whether the issue of beating congregants is doing the lord's work or he is behind unfaithful acts. Recently a pastor whose services specialize in healing people and giving second chance to repent topped the trend list. In the visuals, this pastor is seen entering the church like a WWE wrestler, is further seen beating a woman, and later chocks another woman.

Check out the video on the link below.

Is this still about the church or he is punishing those he is not on good terms with?

It is still not clear whether the pastor is just rambling them for not paying offerings. Nonetheless, apart from that the video.

Please leave a comment below on this pastor is he still Lord's work or he is out for blood?

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