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Dlozi lam || Sis thembi warns

Sis thembi revealed on Dlozi lam that we should always burn our old underwear. Also, always clean the house and wash the windows with rough salt and Jeyes fluid. Evil and evil spirits always play around our windows.


Sis thembi is someone who is spiritually gifted and is able to talk to us based on our ancestors views. Sometimes our ancestors speak through to her , to us. What an amazing gift.

Things I learnt in today’s #Dlozlami episode:

1. Always have a broom, sea salt and Jeyes fluid. 

2. People use the money you borrow them for dark things then return it to you. 

3. Wash the windows because that’s where evil spirits enter. 

4. Be aware of your tenants.

Like Sis Thembi said, learn to keep quiet about your plans. You’ll tell people thinking they have your best interests at heart when they’re actually your enemies plotting your downfall and using muthi. 💀#Dlozlami

When a child is born, their hands are closed in what looks like fists. Growing up we were told you are carrying your gifts from God & idlozi. Sometimes dark forces can see what your gifts are. That’s why they start doing things to you at a young age & block your path. #Dlozlami

I always ask myself hore why are people who practice witchcraft or black magic don't go in banks and take the money...Like is it difficult not to hurt anyone but upgrade your life or children's life? #Dlozlami

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