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END TIME IS NEAR: The Country Where People Worship Satan in Public Because Of What it Does For Them

Some Satanists were observed in huge groups marching towards the legislative building, where they executed a ritual that the Christians in the state were completely unaware of.

The state government of Washington, DC, sanctioned the worship of Satan among the general public. Christians in the state were outraged by the new development, which allows satanists to walk out in public to worship their master without fear of being harassed or arrested by the authorities.

This is unquestionably a portent of the end of the world; how can people who worship the devil get up the fortitude to go out in public and not be confronted by anyone is beyond comprehension. The world appears to be filled with evil at the moment, and many are beginning to lose their faith in God as a result.

Christians who witnessed them were enraged because some of them saw them and scolded them in the name of God, provoking them. The satanist who witnessed a pentagram being worn as part of a procession was unconcerned about the enormous crowd of Christians who harassed him and his followers.

Their point of view is that the government has imposed religion on society in an unconstitutional manner, and as a result, they believe that the culture should be changed.

These large-scale satanic marches were accompanied with banners that looked similar to the flag of the United States, signifying that their activities are considered legitimate and protected by state legislation. These demonic organizations want the monument to the Ten Commandments of God in Arkansas to be demolished, and they have launched a lawsuit against it, claiming that it violates the state's constitution.

As the Devil's Agents marched on, two courageous Christian ladies, Annah Irungu from Kenya and Lanette Joneson from the United States, addressed the Devil's agents in a serious and open manner. To take a stand and defend the name of God took tremendous courage on their part. These two women shown tremendous bravery despite the fact that they were facing a large gathering of people.

It is because they understand what it means to worship a living God who will never let them down. In the eyes of Almighty God, the actions of the two women will not be forgotten. One of the women who chastised and humiliated them A rosary is in her hands, as you can see from the picture above.

My Christian brothers and sisters, we can now clearly see how the devil has hijacked our civilization today and how he has gained control of the entire planet. There has been a great deal of immorality and other anti-social vices in the world that are not of God.

First and foremost, we must repent and confess our sins to God. Once we have done so, we will be free and assured of our place in heaven if we follow God's commandments and obey his instructions.

What would be your reaction if this type of procedure were to be introduced across Africa as well? Your point of view on this subject is really important to us.

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