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"Hi, I'm pastor Veevian, what about you?". Is she really a woman of God?

With regards to strict convictions and practices we don't consistently get to see a ton of ladies proceed to turn out to be consecrated clerics or ministers despite the fact that they are more than equipped for making it happen. All things considered, over the long haul this also will change as we are entering another reality where people will have equivalent open doors as men do.

Indeed, it appears to be that has started, as a young lady posted two pictures of herself and the title of the post was the amazing part for the vast majority of us. The title peruses " Hi, I'm minister Veevian, shouldn't something be said about you", incidentally, the woman is a minister.

A many individuals were stunned to observe that she is a minister, and I think it is on the grounds that when you take a gander at her, you wouldn't imagine that she's a minister as she looks too youthful to possibly be a minister.

The remarks on the post were loaded up with individuals who were shocked to realize that she's a minister. One Twitter client even asked where her congregation is and she reacted by saying "Adherents love the world", which I accept could be the name of her congregation.

Certain individuals derided her since she wore pants in the pictures, as there is the prevalent view, that righteous women shouldn't wear pants, all things considered, that has since a long time ago different as there are some temples where ladies are permitted to wear pants, they are permitted to wear what they need as long as they regard their congregation.

All things considered, this youngster is confirmation that a ton of ladies are beginning to break limits and they are becoming what they need to turn into. In those days ladies wouldn't be permitted to become pilots or even a minister, well today it appears she's done it and has satisfied her fantasies.

Source: Twitter

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