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A South African Satanist Speaks Out About The Vaccine, See What He Said


There is no one more delusional than someone who thinks that they are a satanist. They believe that satan (Lucifer) is the light bearer that should be followed. Those who become satanists, is because they misinterpreted the Bible verse that says the devil is the god of this world hence that's why they claim to worship him. However their worship to satan is in vain. The only worship that satan sought was being worshipped by God, that's why he was cast of heaven. He even had the audacity to try and get Jesus to worship him. So it's clear that satan doesn't desire any worship from man, all he wants to do is to blind people from the only True and Living God and take as many people to hell with him. That's why it's absurd when people say they are satanists.

A delusional 24 year old man by the name of Tristan Kapp, who has a master's degree in Theology, and who also believes that he is a satanist has spoken out about the vaccine. Having any sort of degree shouldn't be a sign of intelligence. Kapp believes that the vaccines are safe, in his defence he said why not trust the vaccine if you trust pills and other medical interventions. He is clearly out of order by making such a statement. He is comparing bananas to apples.

Vaccines are clearly different than pills. He also decided to fire shots at former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng saying that he was stupid for believing that the vaccine was the mark of the beast. My view on that is that the vaccine is in deed not the mark of the beast but will lead to the mark of the beast, so in other terms the vaccine is a prototype. We couldn't just jump to using electricity out of nowhere, we first had to use fire, we couldn't jump to staying in well built houses, we first had to live in huts. All things have a prototype.

If the devil is the father of all lies and 'satanists' look up to him, then I wouldn't believe any word they say. What are your thoughts on this matter? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Please like, share and help News.info20 reach 4 000 followers. Thank you.

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