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'Apparently, This Pastor Went To Heaven After Service' Check What Happened (Watch Video)

16/08 /2022


Congregants give a round of applause to their pastor while he was allegedly going to heaven.

According to a video clip, congregants give their pastor a round of applause while he is being pulled up with white rope to the sealing roof. Congregants believe that their pastor is going to heaven and God called him.

In a video clip, it shows very well that the pastor is tied with white rope on his arms and they are pulling him up to the sealing roof on a trap door. Female congregants were so happy and believed that their pastor is going to heaven.

This video clip got people talking And wondered when will people be aware of these fake pastors and prophets. There have been more fake pastors, those claims that they can cure all diseases but they failed to find a cure for Coronavirus.

People must stop believing anything they see or hear in the name of Jesus, pastor makes money in the name of Jesus these days.

To watch this video, click on the link below

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