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Proper way to pray for blessings, guidance, protection

We often wonder how we can make our prayers be heard, sometimes we lose our will power to pray as we feel as if nothing is happening.

We often feel like our cries are in vain, our efforts are yielding no results, our prayers are futile and everything feels stagnant, nothing is moving and our lives are just a series of watching everyday pass by without God, universe and our guides hearing us.

This is for those who believe in African spirituality too, it is said the best time to pray is between 2am and 3am, that is when angels that were assigned to us at birth are awake, after praying that is when you can phahla and talk to your ancestors.

As we all know God is the center of it all, we pray to him then we report to our ancestors to talk and plead to umvelinqangi which is God to hear our prayers.

Sometimes we do not know what to say in prayer, but God left us with a prayer guidance when he told his disciples to say our father who art in heaven. So when you do not know what to say and your heart is burdened, set your alarm for 2:30am and say your prayers, then take your incense and talk to your guises.

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