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PRAYER: Lord, Show Me Your Love So That I May Know You

Great things are what God wants to do in your life! Take note of how this verse begins with the phrase "Fear not." Fear stands in the way of receiving God's promises. According to the Bible, anything that does not stem from faith is sin or falls short of the mark. Never let fear influence the decisions you make in life. Making decisions out of fear will prevent the Lord's blessing in that area from coming to pass. By focusing on the assurances of God's goodness and love, you can conquer fear.

All concerns are cast away by perfect love. You won't have anything to fear if you comprehend God's love. You are aware that God will accomplish amazing things. Today, allow that to seep deeply into your soul. Every day, repeat this verse aloud while giving it some thought. Your faith will increase and fear will vanish from your life as you study God's Word. You'll be aware of His affection and realize His goodness in every aspect of your life!

It is interesting that specialists claim that things will appear more terrifying the more frightened you feel. Accept that God "has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a clear mind," as it is written in His word (2 Tim. 1:7). Our reading reveals God's plan for His people's redemption. He urges Israel to set aside their anxieties and begin rejoicing in His mighty deeds. God's word still holds true to this promise: put your fears to rest. I will do great things for you, the Lord promises. If you think it's true, say "amen" seven times.

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