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3 Common Idols That Most Christians Worship Without Knowing It

There are 3 common idols that most Christians worship without even knowing it. These idols aren't carved representations. The topic of our discussion today is far from that. Before I continue, I'd like to explain what an idol is. An idol can be said to be something that is worshipped whether directly or indirectly. Someone who worships something can do nothing without it. That thing is what governs that person's daily activities.

An idol, in the eyes of a Christian, is anything that is placed above God. This implies that you do not have to bow down in front of anything or any image. Idol worship is defined as putting something above God. Idol worship has its own set of problems. It is for this reason that we must avoid it at all costs. However, one must be familiar with these idols to determine whether or not he or she is indirectly worshiping them. As a result, most Christians worship the following idols:

1. Their Mobile Phones:

With the introduction of mobile phones, one might wonder if humans could ever survive without them. It is beneficial to use a phone. When it is used during a time set aside for God, however, it becomes idol worship. This means that when you use your phone in church (during the service) when you use it during your quiet time when you use it during your early morning and late-night praying hours, and when you use it during the time set aside for reading your Bible, it has become an idol. This is a very serious situation. Many people have become victims of this without even realizing it. If you find yourself doing this, I strongly advise you to stop. This is a message for you, as well as a message for me.

2. Their Work:

Some people place a higher value on their work and a lower value on God's work. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't focus on your work. What I mean is that you should take God's work seriously as well. Why should a Christian sleep during a church service but keep his or her eyes open during board meetings that can last up to 5 hours? This shouldn't be the case. Remember that God gave you that job, and he gave it to you so that you could use it to praise his name. He didn't allow you to be far away from him. Please, let us make an effort to participate in God's work. It is our Father's work, and we must do it even better than we would do it ourselves.

3. Fashion:

It's sad to say that some people place a higher value on their appearance than on their worship of God. How can a Christian refuse to attend church because he or she does not own the latest designer clothing? This shouldn't be the case. Or are we going to church to flaunt our wealth? You should wear what you already have then skip church. Just make sure it's tidy and not filthy. The bible doesn't say you have to dress up before going to church. When Jesus was preaching to the people, he didn't say anything about fashion designers. As a result, you must examine your attitude toward our clothing. It's a disaster.

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