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Go Try Somewhere Else, But Not EBuhleni

We are tired of people who think they can rule us Nazarites from eBuhleni forgetting that we are under uNyazilwezulu's wings. They might also grow horns if they continue dreaming like this. It's a shame because their dreams will never come true.

We are not in need of anything, we know what we want and where we are going. Those who are after us should as well forget because this won't happen.

We belong to uNyazi no matter what, we will die and leave our kids under uNyazi's leadership. Whoever thinks they can lead us must also forget that would ever happen. It would be much better if they go back to the court and ask who they should lead, who does not have a leader?

We have our own loyal leader who lives in his grandfather Nyangayezulu's home . We are greatful and we don't lack spiritually. UNyazi's word is life to us, we look good and glowing. We are never facing poverty because of UNyazi's work. Can you please go and lie to people who don't know who you all really are because we know you very well.

We are aware of all the bad things that you done to our late beloved Leader uThingolwenkosazana. It would've been an eye for an eye situation if we had lost our faith, but then God had already planned for uNyazilwezulu to be the one to lead us. Go and try somewhere else but not at eBuhleni because you will find us there. We belong there. We are not taken by all the court rumours, we don't care about them. We belong to uNyazi. Those smart people will floss their teeth while they have eaten no meat. We are not going anywhere.


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