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Three of the things that God will do for you your enemies are watching over you

Three of the things that god will do for you your enemies are watching over you.

1.A table shall be prepared for you right before your enemies

You may have asked yourself many questions about your life because of the evil things the devil is doing in your life and ask God why you are there.

listen there child of God, the faithful God will do what He says in His Word.

2. Your head will be anointed with oil

Just believe that God will do it because in him nothing is impossible meaning to God everything is possible.

God will make sure that your enemies see you when he blesses you even if they say you will not win but God exists and will help you.

3. Your cup will overflow

God says he will give it back to you, and he will give it to you. God says he will rescue you, and restore everything in your life.

He says he will do it for us and all those who have been saying that you will not succeed will see you when God lifts you up

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