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Opinion|Jesus is trending today, is he coming soon?



The Bible has been clear about the coming of Jesus we're it gave us signs of when she is coming back in this world and this day the preachers are preaching the only messages about the coming of Jesus, which is what many people are looking to hear every day as they face many problems.

It's obvious that many people need Jesus and it Is very exciting to see how the son of God is trending today on social media platforms, and this it's very encouraging because a lot of Christians will get a lot of confidence when they are sharing this good news to the people across the world.

Many people have been left hopeless and they need serious interventions in their lives so that they can become better in their lives and that why Jesus intervene, through his words that he has been preaching to his disciples as it has been mentioned in the Bible as a guide them every day.

This might make the work of the pastors to be easy as they preach this message to the whole world about the gospel of Jesus, which has brought salvation to thousands of in the world.

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