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5 Negative Things STOP Saying About Yourself And Your Family | Power Of Your Tongue|

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the incredible power that is in their mouths. Due to their ignorance, they used their mouths to curse each other. Lots of people say a lot of negative things about their family, their business, and their destiny that work against them today. The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21 that "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it shall eat its fruit.

As children of God, we need to be very careful about how we use our language, especially when the going is difficult. The devil uses what we say to work against us. When we make negative confessions during times of discouragement, these words will affect us or our families shortly. Whenever you are discouraged, disappointed, grieved, and depressed, it is recommended that you spend time with God in prayer. Most of the time, when you don't have the right say, shut up. Here are five (5) negative things you should stop saying about yourself and your family:

1. I can't do it 

God designed you to do this for a living. You shouldn't be using your mouth to say that you can't. 

2. Others are stronger than me 

Don't use your mouth to say that others are better than you. Always admit positively that you will get there. 

3. My family is very poor 

Your family can only be poor when you say so. Even if things don't turn out the way you want them to in your family, always be optimistic and trust God to make things better.t admit that your family is poor 4. I feel like I want to die 

Remember life and death are in our mouths. When you confess that you die, the devil will act on what you say. But when you confess that you won't die, God will do what you say. You will not die an untimely death in the name of Jesus 

5. Misfortune always follows me. 

Once again the Bible says that goodness and mercy will follow me every day of my life. Whenever you confess that bad luck follows you, bad luck will surely always follow you because you said it with your mouth. 

In conclusion, no matter what you are going through, always see a positive side and always try to be positive about yourself and your family. 

Say these prayers to erase all the negative statements you have made against yourself: 

My God and my Lord, I cancel all the negative statements I have made against myself, my family, my affairs and fate both subconsciously and subconsciously in the name of Jesus. May the blood of Jesus wash them out of my life in the name of Jesus. AMEN

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