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Do not bully God when praying

You know those times when you pray for something to happen, where you ask God to grant you that one desire be it peace in your life, be it a job so that you can provide for your family, a child, capital to start a business or even a companion or whatever you are praying for then for some reason it feels like the Lord has closed His ears from your prayers. 

You plead with God, you remind him of your good deeds, you try to show Him the bigger picture, you quote the scriptures, you even try blackmailing Him but it still feels as though your prayers are not reaching heaven and you also are not getting that reassurance that your prayer will be answered. 

When you go through those feelings always remember that God heard your previous prayers and answered them and He will do the same with your current request as He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore . Always pray with faith keeping in mind that His timing is always perfect. Never compare your life with others and don't try to "help" God to speed up your prayers. 

Ask it shall be given to you, may He grant you strength, peace and patience while He works things out for your good. 


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