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When Prayer alone is not enough.

One day Khaya Mthethwa who is a pastor at Oasis Church and a musician caused a stir on Twitter when he tweeted that people should stop praying. Like always his tweet was misinterpreted and people ran to respond without understanding what he was saying.

Christians ran to the Bible and brought a scripture with them. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing. That's Paul instructions to the church of Thessalonians and to all of us Christians and all who read the Bible to never stop praying at all costs. Who is Khaya Mthethwa to tell us to stop this guys must be either angry or confused to even suggest that.

I will also agree with Pastor Khaya, there comes a point in time when prayer on it's own is not sufficient. For example, you are looking for a job do you sit back and pray or you go out and drop your resumes in companies? You recently started a company you are struggling with clients what does a Christian businessman do? Answer is obvious you pray and go out to market your company.

James 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead so faith without works is dead as well. Faith being the substance of the things hoped for, not yet seen or touched is dead without works. Have faith all you like, pray however you want but God won't descend to earth and take your Cirriculum Vitaes to companies. You have to stand up and do it and then pray that you find favour.

There is a song by Joyous Celebration titled Baleka which in under the album Joyous 17. The song says somethings don't need you to pray or kneel you need to flee and don't look back. She speaks of a sister who finds herself being touched or talked to inappropriately by a brother. The lady doesn't need to pray or fast, she needs to run away.

Prayer alone is not enough.

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