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Prayer: Father, Please Confuse My Accusers And Those Against My Good Works To Humanity

Read: Acts 19:21-41 

Have you ever had a setback in your plans to serve God or achieve something for Him that will bring Him glory? This was Paul's experience as soon as he proposed in the spirit to preach the gospel in Macedonia, Achaia, Jerusalem, and Rome. Demetrius, a silversmith, was raised by the devil, who is never pleased that we have a good plan for our God, to rally his fellow tradesmen to complain, make uproar, and cause unrest in the city of Asia.

Imagine this: you've almost finished your ministry on a high note, with many souls repenting and turning away from idol worship, and you've decided to leave, but Satan shows up to destroy everything you've worked so hard for. How would you feel if you were Paul? Demetrius, like some of our politicians, generally comes to do things that will get public approval or trade partners' support, but with ulterior reasons.

Demetrius' strategy was to halt the spread of the gospel because, according to him, all Asians were aware that patronizing their trades was related with idol worship, and so patronage was declining, implying a loss of profits and the end of their trade. Regrettably, people he incited to riot did not understand why they were rioting because they spoke in a different manner.

Unfortunately, several of Paul's friends were abused, demonstrating that everyone has their own cross to bear, while God protected Paul from the assaults. Paul wanted to identify with the enslaved brethren, but his brothers warned him not to go because he was the major target, and thank God he heeded their advice.

Sometimes we need to listen to other people's advise in a situation that could have disastrous results, and we need to stop thinking of ourselves as cowards for fleeing danger.

To me, a hero is someone who fights and then runs away to fight another day, not someone who dies on the battlefield. God, on the other hand, has a method of rescuing His people from peril, as He did when He sent the city clerk to calm the rioting.

Do not follow or participate in rioting or protests about which you are unaware, as many people have died as a result of what they do not understand.

Pray that anything you do is motivated by pure motives rather than greed for money or power.

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