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Why people stopped going to church.

A man went to Twitter to ask why people dropped out of church.

DSG states that he stopped going when his parents stopped forcing him to go. He also mentioned that his father dropped out after he was scammed by a fellow church member.

Luthando left church because she was sleepy throughout the service because they took too long.

Gaolalwe stated that his pastor asked for donations for his car. He then offered to fix it for free. The pastor was irritated by his offer and the car was found to be in good condition.

Metja was bored by the fact the pastor was preaching the same message every Sunday.

Conway stopped believing, stopped caring, religion became a prison.

Kensi once went to see a pastor. He was depressed and didn't know who to talk to, he was distraught and needed someone to talk to. The pastor had an open door policy and made it seem like it was okay to walk in his office anytime. He was then left disappointed when the pastor preached about him the following Sunday.

Why did you stop going to church?

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