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3 Reasons Why God Is Not Speaking To You As A Christian

God continues to communicate to us in our age in the same way that he talked to Moses and Elijah in the Old Testament. As recorded in Ezekiel 12:25 in the Bible, the Bible says:

"Because it is I, the Lord, who will speak, and everything I say will be carried out. As a result, there will be no further delay, for in your days, O rebellious house, I will speak the word and bring it to pass,” says the Lord God."

We must, however, be alert and attentive in order to hear from God, since he is ready to communicate to us at any time. Because God is not communicating to them, some individuals have stopped hearing from God, which is a sad reality. Here are three reasons why God isn't communicating to them at this time: 1.

1. Sin

God despises sin, and if you are engaged in sinful behavior, you should not expect God to communicate with you. He will instead direct his attention on those who are prepared to live for him, rather than toward those who continue to break His mandate. He is a compassionate God, and if you are willing to submit to him, you must completely surrender your life to him as well. After then, you will begin to get communications from him.

Two, you are not studying His words.

Reading God's word is one of the most effective methods of getting God to communicate to you directly. In the event that you read God's word and find yourself in need of clarification, God will always be there to enlighten you as long as you have the Holy Spirit inside you. He communicates with you through the lyrics of his words, and he explains the meaning of the lyrics to you to the best of his ability.

3. You are not paying attention.

Unless you can distinguish between the word of God and the message of Satan, you may not be able to hear from God in certain circumstances. When He speaks to you, you are not paying attention to what He is saying because you are distracted by other voices in your immediate vicinity. It is only when you beg Him to speak to you and keep listening that you will hear Him communicate with you.

Finally, when it comes to receiving messages from God, there are certain fundamental concepts to grasp. God is ready to communicate with you if you are willing to listen. What is asked of you is that you pay attentively and make an effort to distinguish the voice of the Holy Spirit. As Christians, it is critical that we pay attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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