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"You have worms in your body, Stop eating these foods" - The young prophet revealed it all

R.A. is one of the youngest self-proclaimed prophets in South Africa and he came to their attention earlier this year following the death of a well-known television producer and film actor named Shona Ferguson. Since his breakthrough in July, which came as a result of visions and revelations involving Shona Ferguson's death, he has been on a spiritual journey.

Following the death of Shona Ferguson, many people began to believe in his prophecy, which was made public in May. Many people were aware of his spiritual ability as a result of the visions he had while responding to Connie Ferguson's tweet about his husband. Lihle Rhadebe is currently one of the youngest self-proclaimed prophets in the world, with more than 130 000 followers on Twitter alone in South Africa.

Another revelation from the young prophet was made on his Twitter account, this time stating that the reason why people have worms in their bodies is because they eat fast food. The youthful prophet goes on to say that people must quit eating a lot of processed and fast foods and begin detoxifying their bodies. RA urged the public to abstain from meat consumption and to begin a diet journey. RA also disclosed that the airborne that people are consuming is poisonous to them.

Author's point of view

According to the author's opinion and the opinions of others, the young prophet could be correct owing to the fact that it has been shown that red meat is harmful and has been connected to the majority of fatal diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Even the medical community has cautioned individuals not to drink it in large quantities or to consume it in moderation.

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