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How to use garlic and salt to break spiritual marriage and repel evil spirit


Garlic is herb this is very nutritious that's cultivated nearly all over the world.

in the acient of days,about 5000 years ago, garlic has been utilized in lots of cultural shows inside the is believed that garlic has an high-quality electricity of repelling and breaking evil spirits.


Salt is made of sodium chloride and is specially found in seawater.

It has an acient recognition of cleansing the body,soul and mind each spiritually and physically.

It become also used by our forefathers and ancestors to purify the land when the notice any sign of negativity.


*Grind or combination the garlic thoroughly

*placed it in a easy bowl

*Get a easy water and boil it to be heat

*upload the salt to the warm water

*lightly placed the mixed or grinded garlic into the mixture of the salt and heat water.

*Use a white smooth filter out to split (filter out) the liquid combination from the strong aggregate

*The solid part of the mixture can be thrown away

*Pray or say something you need to say at the liquid mixture.

*preserve it in secretly secure area due to the fact your key's your power

A way to use it:

*Pour small amount of the combination in the water you'll be bathing with and tub with it(if you are the use of a bath apply the small quantity of the combination on yourself and wait 5minutes before you bathtub)

while to use it:

This need to be performed best in evening while you are approximately to sleep.this means immediaty you practice it you have to go to bed and sleep.

thing you can enjoy when you practice it:

*begin to unfastened pals who has terrible spirits

*terrible desires

*Positivity in business and financies

*wholesome Marriage

*Grace with favor as well as top success

*people will begin to combat you each non secular and bodily

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