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Is there Hope For Prophet Bushiri And His Wife to Come Back To South Africa :See here/opinion

Ever since Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife fled to Malawi their church the ECG has crumbled .ECG was one of the biggest churches in south Africa and ever since Bushiri left it has has fallen out.

Bushiri was well known for performing miracles .He could heal incurable diseases such as HIV ,Cancer and even disabled people .Most South Africans thought that he was a fake prophet and just wanted to make money off gullible South Africans.

Bushiri has multiple cases on him including money laundering amounting to R100 million.His case is still in court. His church members are hoping he will come back and will restore his church back to normal but it seems thats wont be happening anytime soon.

As soon as Bushiri and his wide step on South African soil they will be arrested and sent to prison for the longest of time because they are fugutives .South Africans must forget ever seeing Bushiri and his wife ever again in South Africa because they wont ever take the risk of being arrested once they enter South Africa.Those who are still interested in seeing him will have to fky over to Malawi.

South Africa is filled with a lot of fake prophets from other countries. They come here and pretend to do miracles and make gullible South Africans pay for them .Most of them like Bushiri have become very rich from charging people to pay for prayers.South Africans must work hard to remove all fake prophets here to ensure that no more people continue getting scammed.

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