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Good News: 5 Clear Signs That God Is About To Release Your Long Waited Blessings

If you truly believe in God for supplies and protection, He will lead you too and lead you where you can be successful. Here are five key indicators that God's blessings are at hand.

1. You will often see great opportunities in life The eyes are the light of the body. Light provides visibility so we can see. God controls your life with your eyes. He opens your inner eye to see possibilities in subtle plans of reality. It means that God will bless you with great possibilities.

2. You Become More Creative Than Ever God whispers ideas through our minds. When you witness greater creativity, it is because the Creator makes your plans a success. Creative ideas will serve to create the life of your choice. 3. Recurring dreams of successful people Successful personalities that appear frequently in your dream can mean something good to you. God is trying to convey the good news that awaits you.

4. The Urge to Pray If you find that you have recently developed an urge to pray, God is reminding you to keep praying as the blessings of success draw near. Pray to bring them closer. The minute you stop praying, God of mount Zion will reverse your blessings. Fellow christians, we are blessed to have been granted an opportunity to speak to our God through prayers. What are you waiting for? Are waiting to start praying when your in trouble? Make a prayer your habit/ hobby and your life will be different, said the Lord.

5. Greater happiness Your insides already feel something amazing while you are on the way. We are intuitive beings and God communicates with us through intuition, sometimes we feel happy for no reason. If you fall into any of the above signs, God will soon bless you.

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