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Upsetting | Prophets make people do this in the name of blessings? (OPINION)

A false prophet is a person who falsely claims the gift of prophecy or divine inspiration, who make such claims for evil.

Born-again churches in Africa are becoming ever more popular, politically powerful, and lucrative. But criticism may also be growing. Many people have been robbed of their properties and money, been raped, promised instant miracles and many other things.

Pentecostal preachers tell worshippers that in return for donating huge sums of money, they will be cured of diseases or be rewarded in material wealth several times over. These teachings need to be condemned. Many individual pastors have even become superstars. Some have started up television and radio stations that broadcast to large populations, and on the back of donations, have become enormously wealthy.

It is nothing new that some preachers in Africa are using the Bible through its scriptures to coerce their audiences to pay lots of money, saying whatever they give, will be given back to them. For some preachers, the more money you sow in church, the more blessings you get, but this is done because many innocent church followers think God speaks through these pastors and they have to obey God’s voice.

You cannot tell a real prophet from a false one by whoever sings the loudest and prays the longest. You can even preach the best, but if the heart is not right, God cannot hear you. So it is hard to know a fake prophet, but God knows. A true prophet is nice to others.

The Bible is filled with stories of true prophets speaking tough words to belligerent audiences. John the Baptist lost his head. The prophet Isaiah was sawed in two. The prophet Zechariah was stoned. It is not always popular to tell the truth. A false prophet will start telling things that are not true, once you get to know him. Sometimes a false prophet will even say he is the Messiah.

Be aware of false prophets who disguise themselves as pastors yet they use witchcraft, snakes, marine spirits and magical powers to baffle people.

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